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Сколько комнат в букингемском дворце? а) 650 б) 200 с) 600 d) 500 e) 350...

Сколько комнат в букингемском дворце? а) 650 б) 200 с) 600 d) 500 e) 350

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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 07:10, stasvikulyа
Переведите на біля нашої школи є чудовій сад. там росте багато фруктових дерев . у нашому саду є яблуні , груші , вишні , сливи , абрикоси. учні нашої школи поливають маленькі дерева . восени вони збирати фрукти . ми дуже любимо
свій сад .
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Английский язык, 17.03.2020 04:54, lyizadenikaeva
Choose the correct word.
1 Merlin created/made a contest to see who
could pull the sword from the stone.
2 People believed he had magical/huge powers.
3 There are a lot of special/fascinating figures in
4 Fashion fads/hits don't last very long.
5 Avatar is a computer-generated/fiction film.
5x2=10 marks
5x2=10 m
Here you a
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 07:00, Нафунька
Дополните следующие повествовательные предложения. 1) it is time for lunch.(high, with our friends, at the cafe, round the corner) 2) i am going to travel.(next summer, to paris, by bus) 3) we go for a walk.(usually, with our friends, after the classes, in the park) 4) i can do my homework quickly.( tomorrow, during break, english, of course) 5) several students
are absent.(to our regret, from lectures, on mondays) 6) there is much information in the newspaper.(about the latest events, interesting)
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Английский язык, 17.03.2020 05:32, vladshmko
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https://www. schooltube. com/media/t/0_w0v0s56k
https://www. schooltube. com/media/A+Quiet+Place+Part+II+%E3 %80%90FuLL+Horror+The+Movie%E3%80%9 1+2020/0_w0v0s56k
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 09:40, lelyashramkop028pw
How much have you learnt about ancient york? check your parters' memory. 1.what does peter do? 2.when was york famous? 3.who were the vikings? 4.why did viking york disappear? 5.where did the archaeologists find the ancient houses? 6.what else did they find?
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 05:40, катя4799
Составить слова из букв lorof, budropac
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Сколько комнат в букингемском дворце? а) 650 б) 200 с) 600 d) 500 e) 350...

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