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Help i need somebody если я не узнаю ответ, не уснупочему в предложении there was surprise in her eyes нет артикля "a" ​...

Help i need somebody
если я не узнаю ответ, не усну

почему в предложении there was surprise in her eyes нет артикля "a"

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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 00:20, qwexxw
Дайте план написания личного письма на , примеры конечных фраз, вводных и т. п. завтра писать олимпиаду, буду . p. s. не надо копировать с других сайтов.
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 05:50, ангелОк2512
До завтра нужноо то му при write what these peopleused to do, never used to do, didn't use to do .example: when somerset maugham was a medicall student he collected money to go to the theartre once a week . - when somerset maugham was a medicall student he used to collect money to go to the theatre once a week 1) london wasn't the capital till the eleventh century . 2)when willian
shakespeare lived in london he acted and wrote plays. 3) henry longfelow , one of the most popular american poets of the 19-th century , learnt modern languages. 4) when michel jackson was 7 years old he often took part in the concerts.
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 14:30, слядя
:think of a magic country and write about it. this model will help you вот пример вместо трёх точек вставьте слова: lets travel to ! it is (old/young) and (big/smail). it has got states. the carital is . on the flag of the country you can see . its symbol is . there are a lot of interesting places: . in this country you can try new food: .
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 20:00, Ddoj
12.вставьте артикль где необходимо: 1)there is thick red carpet in my room. carpet is on floor in front of sofa. 2)where is table in your brother's room? -his table is near window. 3)i can see fine vase on shelf. is it your vase? 4)we have no piano in our living-room. 5)my uncle is maried. he has beautiful wife. they have son, but they have no daughter.
6)i can see nice coffee-table in middle of room to right of door. it is black and red. i like coffee-table. 7)our tv is on little table corner of room. 8) there is beautiful picture in my father's study, picture is on wall to left of window.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 00:00, SvetlanaSagina
Напишите 4 правила прошедшего времени
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 01:30, Kamila28032001
Перевести текстthe attack on britain’s environment most of the western nations have the same basic environmental problems, but they take different forms in each country. here you can read about some of the dangers facing britain’s environments. one of britain’s environmental successes has been the control of air pollution, especially in london. thirty years ago hundreds of people died
every year from the dreadful london smogs. since then london and many other cities have become smokeless zones, areas where no coal fires are allowed. but now the increase in traffic is threatening serious air pollution in our cities again. however, the commonest air pollution comes from the cigarette smoke which pollutes many public places, like cinemas, pubs and restaurants. though cigarette
advertisements are not allowed on tv or radio, you can still see them on posters in cinemas and in newspapers and magazines. the advertisements don’t tell you that doctors believe cigarettes cause 30.000 deaths in britain every year. traffic and aircraft can cause serious noise pollution. air-crafts are very noisy when they take off and the noise spreads over a wide area. heathrow airport, near london, is
the busiest airport in the world. planes are only allowed to take off and land at heathrow between six in the morning and eleven at night, but during the day fifty planes take off and land there every hour.
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Help i need somebody если я не узнаю ответ, не уснупочему в предложении there was surprise in her e...

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