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Raise discover glance notice wolf mouse hero piano explore stare remind cherry lift arise datum become look replace observe believe 1. the pack of …...


1. the pack of … living around the old domain caused a lot of trouble.
2. you will never recognize your room now. we … your old things with new one.
3. the scientists … the old cave for two years before they found the remains of the ancient city.
4. some businessmen … that surcharge can compensate for all expenses. (negative)
5. he specializes in repairing old …, improving the way they sound.
6. many shops … their prices of digital cameras recently.
7. he heard a loud noise and understood that it was the bag he … up and placed on the top shelf.
8. if he … at the watch one more time, i will shout at him.
9. the … collected in the amazon prove the existence of 10-metre length anacondas.
10. my mother … me about my lunch, so i forgot it on the table. (negative)
11. by now the scientists … a planet which seems to reveal some life on the surface. (negative)
12. i … forward to raising my cultural awareness and so i decided to take a walk around the city on my own.
13. if the conflict …, we will not be able to finish our project in time.
14. we … some interesting phenomena in the sky above our city last night.
15. the … bought yesterday were willingly eaten during the breakfast.
16. i think he … a victim of cyber bullying one day.
17. some … meant to play an important role in our history got nowhere after a while.
18. i couldn’t understand why he … at me but it made me feel uncomfortable.
19. amid grey …, there was a white one.
20. you need to stay in until the doctor … some positive changes.

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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 02:50, Навруза
(1) use present perfect or present perfect continuous: : 1) i can' t believe that it (be) only three years since i met you. 2)"how long you (be) here? " тоm demanded quietly. 3) we (not meet) katya for а long time. не (change) very much? 4) listen to те, all of you. i (come) with the most terrific news. 5) this flat is just what i (look for). 6) i trust you. after all i (know) you all ту life. 7)
i want you to remember that i never (ask) you for anything before. 8) ivan (go) to europe for а holiday. i myself never (be) there. 9) what' s that noise? — vasya (break) а vase. 10) i (not wear) this coat for two years. 11) i’т so tired. i (clean) ту room since morning. (2) will be doing or will have done? make sentences with will be -ing and will have done. 1) tomorrow jean is going to swim
from 1 о'clock until 3 о'clock. so, at 2 о'clock she 2) i’m going to watch а film from 8 о'clock until 11 о'clock this evening. so at 9.30 i 3) му father is going to repair the car tomorrow morning from 7 о'clock until 8.45. sо at 7.30 he 4) i always go to school at 8 о'clock. so, at 9.30 in the morning tomorrow i 5) tim’s classes end at 1.30. so at 3 о'clock when mother comes to school
tim's classes 6) we' re going to the theatre. the play begins at 5.30. so, at 6.00 when i reach the theatre the play
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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 13:40, лейоа
Составить рассказ на . яз. про морскую свинку по имени валюшка
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 16:30, sir13
(слова, которые надо вставить, внизу) he was thought to be a great painter. the bird flew in the sky. our products are known. i can hear the radio. i have to admit you were about her. i thought about the problem. the window was open. the bus arrived . the weather report said that today will be sunny. she has not called . he was considered a clever man. he speaks of
his maths teacher. we are there. i did it again. we walked five miles on our hike. which do you like : ice cream or chocolate? words: hard, hardly, late, lately, high, highly, near, nearly, most, mostly, right, rightly, wrong, wrongly, wide, widely. thank you =***
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 01:30, Kamila28032001
Перевести текстthe attack on britain’s environment most of the western nations have the same basic environmental problems, but they take different forms in each country. here you can read about some of the dangers facing britain’s environments. one of britain’s environmental successes has been the control of air pollution, especially in london. thirty years ago hundreds of people died
every year from the dreadful london smogs. since then london and many other cities have become smokeless zones, areas where no coal fires are allowed. but now the increase in traffic is threatening serious air pollution in our cities again. however, the commonest air pollution comes from the cigarette smoke which pollutes many public places, like cinemas, pubs and restaurants. though cigarette
advertisements are not allowed on tv or radio, you can still see them on posters in cinemas and in newspapers and magazines. the advertisements don’t tell you that doctors believe cigarettes cause 30.000 deaths in britain every year. traffic and aircraft can cause serious noise pollution. air-crafts are very noisy when they take off and the noise spreads over a wide area. heathrow airport, near london, is
the busiest airport in the world. planes are only allowed to take off and land at heathrow between six in the morning and eleven at night, but during the day fifty planes take off and land there every hour.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 13:20, karinakatushkiowsqqh
Как правильно составить открытку на ском
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 13:30, бомж23
Что 12 июня или июля ? у меня завтра шанс
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