Английский язык match thewords. use the phrases tocomplete the sentences.b1234567colourfula journeyrareplaceancienttimechallenging dreefbrilliant e fi... match the
words. use the phrases to
complete the sentences.
a journey
challenging dreef
brilliant e fish
mysterious f wildlife
coral g city
1. there are a lot of fish that live
on a

2 we all had a
in france last summer!
3 we don't really know who
built stonehenge in england.
it's a
4 pompeii in italy is a(n).
it's over
2,500 years old.
5 you can see a lot of
in rainforests
like different species of birds
and insects.
6 the hike to the top of the hill
was a
for my granddad.
7. there are many
in the sea around
tropical islands.

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