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Rialmk or holding specialun uses: fordrinkiliy wellliquids like oil.projectit artefacts discovered in lostcity and draw a table with thepo a project...

mk or holding special
un uses: for
drinkiliy well
liquids like oil.
it artefacts discovered in lost
city and draw a table with the
po a project about artefacts dise
hoose a lost city and draw at
following headings:
name of lost city
when discovered?
artefact 1 - what is it?
what does it show?
• artefact 2 - what is it?
what does it show?
1. artefact 3 - what is it?
• what does it show?
find some information about three artefacts.
think about how people lived in the place the
artefacts come from and make notes.
use your notes to write three short texts about the
artefacts and draw some pictures to illustrate
the texts.
present your materials
put your project on a poster and show it to your
classmates and teacher.

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Rialmk or holding specialun uses: fordrinkiliy wellliquids like oil.projectit artefacts discovered...

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