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Ovuluices.3 build your vocabulary write the pastforms of the verbs in the box. then readagain and check. which past forms are regularand which are ir...

3 build your vocabulary write the past
forms of the verbs in the box. then read
again and check. which past forms are regular
and which are irregular?
hive make show choose leave love
win try broadcast become attract
solve receive follow do
lived - regular
made - irregular

8класс ​

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Английский язык, 27.02.2019 23:00, kilmetovalmas14
.(Write out the words with general meaning in each line: - bridge, street, town, monument, museum - palace, building, museum, tower, theatre - man, girl, woman, student, people).
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Английский язык, 28.02.2019 18:10, математика634
Переведите . заранее ! london was first mentioned in 61 a. d. it was called londinium then. the first settlements were built on two hills on the north bank of the river thames to avoid the danger of flooding. today these two areas are westminster and st. paul's. they are linked by the strand. the romans made londinium a large city and built walls around it. we learn where some gates of the
city walls stood from such names as bishopsgate, ludgate, etc. one of the most interesting ways to see london is to go down the thames from westminster bridge to the tower of london or even to greenwich. from the river thames much of the city's history can be seen through its buildings. for over 1000 years the thames was the busiest road of london, the narrow streets being inconvenient for traffic. hundreds
of boats sailed the river. all and everything was transported by water, even the prisoners were taken to the tower by boat. the tower of london is its most interesting link with history, dating back to the 11th century. it was built by william the conqueror to impress the saxons and to guard the river approaches to london. it was once a citadel, a royal palace, a state prison, a mint, now it is a museum. in
1666 a great fire hit the city destroying most of the buildings. to commemorate the fire a tall column 202 ft high was erected not far from st. paul's cathedral. both of these were built by the famous architect sir christopher wren. after the fire houses were built of stone and brick instead of wood and plaster, the streets were made much wider, london healed its wounds and became one of the biggest cities
of the world.
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Английский язык, 02.03.2019 01:10, сериаломанка13
Тигр. самый крупный из кошек. длина тела - 150-300см. вес до 400 кг. красивый окрас шерсти. на рыжем фоне выделяются темные поперечные полосы. хитрый и коварный хищник. живет среди тростников и кустарников, где цвет животного
сливается с окружающей средой. обитает в жарких странах азии. !
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 03:20, CrazyBananaa
:с на .. нас четверо в семье: мой папа ,моя мама, брат и я. моя мама домохозяйка а папа водитель. брат пойдет в первый класс ему шесть лет. я ученик основной школы. мне одиннадцать лет. я учусь в 5 классе. мои любимые уроки все.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 12:00, mketol4663
Мне нужно минисочинение размером в 5-6 предложений (лёгких) о каком нибудь времени года на !
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Английский язык, 06.03.2019 16:30, Нурка11лиса
Составить 5предложений со словом many и 5предложений со словом much
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Ovuluices.3 build your vocabulary write the pastforms of the verbs in the box. then readagain and c...

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