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careers: economist
economists study the ways in which individuals and society choose to
use limited resources, such as natural resources, labor, factories, and
machines, in an effort to satisfy unlimited wants. they are concerned
with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services
and are interested in helping society get as much satisfaction as possible
from its limited resources. economists collect, process, and analyze data
to determine the costs and benefits of using resources in various ways.
economists are employed in a number of different job settings. about
half of them are academic economists, who engage in teaching, writing
and doing research in colleges, and universities. they also write textbooks and journal articles, develop and test new theoretical models, pro-
vide consulting services to governments and businesses, and engage
in variety of other professional activities.
the other half of all economists work for government or business.
government economists collect and analyze information about economic
conditions in the nation and possible changes in government econom-
ic policies. much of this information is published in government bulletins
and reports. often the government economist wears a second hat′ as
a policy analyst. economists forecast tax revenues and interest rates,
analyze, who gains and who loses from particular changes, monitor
prices, compute total output and perform other useful tasks in the public
business economists work for banks, insurance companies, investment
companies, manufacturing firms, economic research firms, and
management consulting firms.
some economists operate their own economic businesses. they are
called entrepreneurs. this is a french word that has been accepted in-
to the english language. entrepreneurs are a mystery to some people,
especially those who are only comfortable with a nine-to-five existence
and assured weekly paychecks and fringe benefits. the entrepreneur is
a business person who prefers to take calculated risks in order to be his
or her own boss. an individual hoping to start up a new company needs
to have entrepreneurial flair or talent, as well as good technical skills and
financial skills, because they make a profit through risk-taking or initia-
tive. they are self-employed, and often work long hours for less than
they would if they were an employee of another company.
while the percentage of growth for men entering into business indepen-
dence could be measured in the teens, women′s increase in a single de-
cade was 69 percent. there is no mystery here. women go into busi-
ness for the same reason men do - to make money and to be their own
entrepreneurship is regarded to be the first track to success. rather than
to take a low-wage, big-industry job, people opt′ to use their wits and en-
ergy to climb the ladder of independence. people who are successful in
business and so have become rich and powerful are called tycoons.
speaking about entrepreneurship, professor k. vesper of the universi-
ty of washington says that «a driving force in entrepreneurship is ad-
dictiveness′. once people have a taste of freedom in a business of
their own, they like it. they don′t want to go back to working for someone else. "

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Перевести текст. перепишите и письменно переведите текст: careers: economist economists study the...

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