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Лиди дорогие 111 вставьте some, any, по или их производные. 1 . are there cinemas or theatres in there aren' cinemas, but there is a theatre your...

Лиди дорогие 111 вставьте some, any, по или их производные.
1 . are there cinemas or theatres in there aren' cinemas, but there is a theatre your town? festival in summer. 2. is there 8 700, interesting museums? for young people i'm sorry, there zoo in our town. but there are museums, is discos and every three weeks there is a rock concert for young people here. 3. have you no, i haven' i have nephews or nieces? has.. sisters, she has only brothers. 6. do about chinese art? 7. they have minsk. 8. have you brothers? - i brothers. 9. i have 10. we did not know about his problems: he told relations? relations. 4. has she has.. nephews. 5. she know cousins in no, i haven't good friends. you s** 11. have you got interesting books? us 12. have you .. friends in america? 13. he has english books in this bookcase. 14. did you meet on your way to school? 15. have you got in your bag? 16. do we have board? 17. how could i know that he was ill? pencils chalk on the black- told .. 18. she has me mistakes in her test.

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She now had her own opinions, and at supper discussed with sasha's parents, saying how difficult the studies had become for the children at the school. but after all, she felt a classical education was better than a commercial course, because when you graduated from school then the road was open to you for any career at all. if you chose to, you could become a doctor, or, if you wanted to, you could become
an engineer. sasha started at the school. as his father was away every day inspecting cattle and was sometimes gone for up to three whole days at a time, it seemed to olenka that sasha was completely abandoned, was treated as if he were quite superfluous, and must be dying of hunger. so she transferred him into her part of the house and fixed up a little room for him there. every morning olenka would come
into his room and find him sound asleep with his hand tucked under his cheek, so quiet that he seemed not to be breathing. sashenka, she said sorrowfully, get up, darling. it's time to go to school. he got up, dressed, said his prayers, then sat down to breakfast. the sleep was not yet out of him, so he was a little cross. you don't know your fables as you should, sashenka, said olenca, looking at him as
though he were departing on a long journey. перевести только не с !
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Составить предложение с словами put up, inside, outside, centuries. !
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Furthermore, we have to collaborate with the state in the task of protecting families at risk. we believe that a great vacuum had existed in relation to family policies, even when dealing with policies towards children and adolescents. we believe that today parents are in need of much training and support and this calls for professional help from many fields. we should consider this collective task, this
creation of resilience, as an immunization campaign to strengths to deal with and resist adversity.
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Тема модальные глаголы! each of the words or phrases in bold incorrect. rewrite them correctly on the lines.(каждое из слов или фраз жирным неправильно. перепишите их правильно ) 1)what does it take to be an olympic champion? there are lots of things an athlete must to do. 2)atletes should to trust themselves and their coaches or
trainers. 3)if they trust these people, they will can be able to do well. 4)atletes should never to show off because no one will respect them. 5)finally, athletes should to remember that doing their best is as important as winning.
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These are the questions little jim asks his friend ann. pretend that you are jim and your partner is ann. act out the dialogue. jim: is your dinner ready at 3? ann: jim: do you always have fish for dinner? ann: jim: do you always begin your dinner at 5 ? ann: jim: does your sister like to eat fish for lunch? ann: jim: does your father bring ice cream every day? ann: jim: your silly cat
doesn"t like ice cream, does he? ann:
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Диалог на языке об окружающем середовыще
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Лиди дорогие 111 вставьте some, any, по или их производные. 1 . are there cinemas or theatres in...

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