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complete the text using the pastsimple form of the verbs in brackets.on the road with stars is a new programme thatfollows bands on tour. in the firs...

complete the text using the past
simple form of the verbs in brackets.

on the road with stars is a new programme that
follows bands on tour. in the first show, the tv
company travelled _ (travel) to los angeles to
meet kanye west.
(make) the programme very
cheaply because they?
- (not have) a
lot of money. they
(record) it with
only one camera and they 4 - (be) very
lucky because the presenters 5 - _(work)
for free.
in los angeles, the presenters 6
(not stay) in a hotel. instead, they?
(sleep) in a caravan.
during the show, kanye
in a private plane from city to city, but the tv
company -
- (follow) him in their car,
with their caravan! ​

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complete the text using the pastsimple form of the verbs in brackets.on the road with stars is a ne...

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