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Mobile mannersa) 7.c3 read the sentences about smartphoneetiquette and mark the sentences ✓ (i agree) o* (i don't agree). tell the class. give reason...

Mobile manners
a) 7.c3 read the sentences about smartphone
etiquette and mark the sentences ✓ (i agree) o
* (i don't agree). tell the class. give reasons.
1 luse headphones when i am listening to music
in public.
2 t turn off my smartphone in cinemas.
3 tignore the people i am talking to when i get
a message.
4 task people before i put photos of them online.
5 i send everyone updates all the time.
6 tam polite in messages or comments.
7 i talk loudly on my smartphone on public transport.
8 i look at my smartphone while i am walking.
9 i take photos of people in public without asking.
10 i never give someone's phone number without asking.

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Mobile mannersa) 7.c3 read the sentences about smartphoneetiquette and mark the sentences ✓ (i agre...

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