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Нужно поставить глагол can в нужную форму. . 1. he (recite) long poems when he was six. 2. you (not/take) the books out of the reading hall. 3. if you...

Нужно поставить глагол can в нужную форму. .
1. he (recite) long poems when he was six.
2. you (not/take) the books out of the reading hall.
3. if you had met him in the street you (pass) him without taking notice.
4. he hated himself for his behaviour, but (do) nothing to alter it.
5. i (come) in for a moment?
6. you (not/do it). i don't believe it.
7. i wonder where she is. she (not/stay) at her friend's all this time.
8. i (help) him but i didn't know he needed help.
9. such problems (solve) easily.
10. не (see) that everything in the house was in full order.
11. how she (work) in the garden now? it is already dark.
12. of course, there were many things i (answer) to this. but i kept silent.
13. i simply (not/refuse). they would have been hurt.
14. he wasn't old. he (not/be) more than forty.
15. you (work) all this time without any break?
16. she (not/forget) what had happened the day before. it's hardly possible.
17. the man was very impolite. how you (talk) to him for so long?
18. i am not sure but he (join) his friends and (go) to the country with them.
19. i (not/bear) the heat here.
20. now that the exams are over we (have) a good rest.
21. she is tall for her age already. and she (grow) even taller.
22. is there anything the matter with him? he looks so upset! he (fail) the exam.
23. there (not/be) anything wrong with the tea. i refuse to believe that.
24. what he (do) all this time? he has been gone for twenty minutes.
25. не (not/see) me. it was impossible because i came when he had gone.
26. how you (make) such a mistake as to suppose that i was younger than you?
27. surely you (do) it before. what have you been doing all the morning?
28. say what you like, but you (not/do) all this work by yourself. i don't believe you.
29. he still (sleep)? it seems to me they simply don't want us to see him.
30. she has a university education and (make) a career for herself if she hadn't married.
31. you (not/forget). i don't believe you.
32. i would be very much obliged to you if you (lend) me your dictionary for a couple of days.
33. i don't believe him, he (not/drive) her to the airport, as his car had broken down the day before.

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Нужно поставить глагол can в нужную форму. . 1. he (recite) long poems when he was six. 2. you (not/...

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