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My name is kolya . now i will tell you about my hobby . my hobby is penie. ya really like to sing. so far , that i sing at school concerts . i am very...

My name is kolya . now i will tell you about my hobby . my hobby is penie. ya really like to sing. so far , that i sing at school concerts . i am very happy when i was invited to sing at the concert . very soon i will be performing three concerts . on one of them i 'm going to sing in german. for him, i fear most . i hope that all goes well ) есть ли ошибки в временах? ? если найдете ошибки, напишите

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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 00:45, Rita53
Рассчитываю на вашу )1a is a compensation (usually in the form of money) for service, efforts or achievements. royalty return rent rewardquestion 2a is a sum of money lent at interest. consumer bonus loan commissionquestion 3our company made a record last year. earn winning benefit profit
question 4you'll get a better of exchange at a bank. value rate charge worth question 5night workers will get paid double time for working unsocial hours. shift owl group time question 6sometimes when you have a very difficult choice to make, flipping a really helps. money coin currency
cash question 7in one-person business a single person is responsible for the or of the business. success; failure succeed; fail successful; failedquestion 8 is money taken in business; receipts. takings target taxquestion 9a(an) is a charge or payment for professional advice or services.
investment fee interest liabilityquestion 10the agreement will trade between our countries. increase add up inflate exaggeratequestion 11she gets a 15% on every car she sells. bonus salary compensation commission question 12does the design to the new regulations? conform consist confirm
agree question 13we will increase the amount of for women who are expecting babies. maternity time maternal leave maternity leave mothering leave question 14if they are not more careful with their accounts, they will poor penniless broken bankrupt question 15the president admitted taking
and had to resign. fees fines premiums bribes question 16all the workers in our firm get a christmas $ 100. bonus prize reward fine question 17he already pays 40% on his income. fee tax fare discount question 18his salary used to be $18,600, now he earns $23,000. his salary deducted
decreased increased question 19a lack of workers in a company or factory is called labour shortage short shorten question 20he left a on my desk saying he would be late for the meeting. notice note advertisement
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 11:16, Sophia4sophia
What are atoms? over two thousand years ago, about 400 b. c., the greek philosopher democritus tried to figure out what the world is made up of and how it came to be the way it is. he came to the conclusion that all things are made up of tiny particles, too small to be seen. there are many kinds, he
thought, and they are always moving about, sometimes combining, and sometimes separating again. democritus deserves tremendous credit for giving us this theory. in the past people believed in many ideas which new knowledge and experience later proved false1. but all the discoveries of science in over
two thousand years of work and study show that democritus was right. investigations by chemists have shown that every chemical compound, such as salt or water, is made up of many tiny particles called molecules. in solids and liquids they are packed closely together. in gases they are spread out
thin, with big spaces separating the molecules from each other. each molecule in a compound is the same as all the other molecules in the same compound, but it is different from the molecules in other compounds. since there are thousands of different compounds, there are thousands of different kinds
of molecules, ranging from simple ones, like the molecules of salt or water, to very complicated ones found only in living things. further study has shown that the molecules themselves are made up of still smaller particles known as atoms. although there are thousands of different molecules, there
are only 103 different kinds of atoms. these 103 different kinds of atoms, known as the chemical elements, are the building blocks out of which all material things are made. выпишите из текста существительные в единственном числе и поставьте их во множеством числевыпишите из текста предложенные
конструкции с предлогом of и переведите их на языквыпишите из текста прилагательные и наречия , переведите их на язык нарисуйте в тексте и переведите на язык предложения в которых употреблены местоимения .укажите, к какой группе они относятся(личные, притяжательные, указательные , вопросительные,
относительные)выпишите и текста не правильные глаголы, запишите их основные формы и переведите их на языквыпишите из текста предложения в present simple и переведите их на язык .напишите предложения в вопросительной и отрицательных формах
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 12:18, МинаМина2003
Напишите сочинение, 70-100слов все + лучший ответ! ​
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 16:54, Маруся1799
Сделать краткий пересказ the press in britain and elsewhere it's common knowledge that newspapers report the news. published on a regular basis, usually daily or weekly, they also interpret events behind the news. in addition, newspapers give useful information, such as stock market prices, weather
reports and television programmes. they are also a popular source of reading for entertainment. people often buy newspapers for their feature articles on subjects of wide interest, such as travel and fashion, for their comics and crosswords, and for their regular columns on topics, such as
gardening, eating out, show business, gossip and astrology. together with other means of communi­cation, such as radio, television, and magazines, newspapers form the media. printed forms of the media, including newspapers and magazines are also called "the press". newspapers treat the news in two
different ways. they can take a serious line, reporting and explaining the news with the aim of informing the readers as fully as possible. alternatively they may take a more popular approach, which requires more entertainment in the choice and presentation of stories, photographs and larger
eye-catching headlines. many newspapers combine the serious and the popular approach, but in the united kingdom newspapers tend to be either one thing or the other. both serious and popular newspapers can be further divided into daily or weekly (depending on how often they are published), morning or
evening (depending on when they are published) and local, national, or, in a very few cases, international (depending on the area over which they are sold). newspapers of general interest are supplemented by specialist newspapers, which publish news and stories for people with particular interests.
religious, financial, and sporting newspapers are examples. the british are believed to be the greatest newspaper readers in the world. they read newspapers at breakfast, on the bus or on the train when they go to work and on the way back home. a symbol of the british press is fleet street — a
street in london that used to be home of most british national newspapers. fleet street is conveniently situated on the north bank of the river thames close to a number of large railway stations, which makes it easy to deliver the papers to the trains taking them round the country. fleet street is
also not far from such important british institutions as the bank of england, the stock exchange, the houses of parliament and the law courts, which allows the fleet street journalists to keep an eye on things. british daily papers are published from monday to saturday. the serious or quality papers
such as the times, the guardian, the financial times, the independent and the daily telegraph are for those who want to know about important happenings everywhere, both domestic news and foreign news. compared with belarusian papers, british quality papers are very thick. they usually consist of
separate sections such as politics, finances, business, etc. it's not uncommon for a newspaper reader to use only one or two sections and throw the others away. popular papers or tabloids, such as the daily mail, the sun or the daily express make a much easier reading and have a more general
readership. many popular papers run strip cartoons and humorous drawings, a lot of them have a woman's page, and readers' letters. nearly all papers pay special attention to sports news. the evening papers, such as the evening news are often bought because people want to know the winner of a race or
the result of football pools. the sunday papers are not sunday editions of the daily papers but separate weekly editions coming out on sundays. in addition to the news they usually provide interesting articles on arts, newly-published books, and gardening. some of them, such as the sunday times have
a very high reputation and the best critics and journalists write for them.
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Английский язык, 04.03.2019 07:11, dbjshsg
Essay: national symbols of kazakhstan. key words: flag, emblem, anthem, author, eagle, winged horles, ornament, president.​
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Английский язык, 07.03.2019 07:57, Мальчик123870
Написать письмо …….more and more young people get involved in environmental protection. could you tell me what young people in your country do to make your city cleaner? do you have any environmental projects at school? would you like to start any green party? what name would you give it? by the way, i have just finished reading an excellent book. write soon. ann write a letter to ann. in your letter - answer her questions - ask her 3 questions about the book white 100-140 words. remember the rules of letter writing
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My name is kolya . now i will tell you about my hobby . my hobby is penie. ya really like to sing. s...

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