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27.02.2019 04:20 •  Английский язык

1gatwick is the name of a the airport in london. b the biggest travel agency in london. с the famous travel bookshop in london. 2 which of the following is the name of the biggest airport in london? a british airways. b heathrow. с mediterranean. 3 a tour, in which "all is included", is called a a coach tour, b guided tour, с package tour. 4 at a "request stop" a bus will only stop a if it has a "bus
stopping" sign, b if you put out your arm. с at certain hours. 5 when you buy a "single" ticket, it means a you are travelling alone. b you should come back the same day. с you get a one-way journey. 6 "travel card" is a a special ticket for travel in london on trains, buses, and the underground, b an atlas or street map of london. с the name of the game which is played when travelling.

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