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Напишите синонимы к данным словам: hungry , small , group , strong , independent....

Напишите синонимы к данным словам: hungry , small , group , strong , independent.

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Английский язык, 27.02.2019 04:20, MilkiWika
1gatwick is the name of a the airport in london. b the biggest travel agency in london. с the famous travel bookshop in london. 2 which of the following is the name of the biggest airport in london? a british airways. b heathrow. с mediterranean. 3 a tour, in which "all is included", is called a a coach tour, b guided tour, с package tour. 4 at a "request stop" a bus will only stop a if it has a "bus
stopping" sign, b if you put out your arm. с at certain hours. 5 when you buy a "single" ticket, it means a you are travelling alone. b you should come back the same day. с you get a one-way journey. 6 "travel card" is a a special ticket for travel in london on trains, buses, and the underground, b an atlas or street map of london. с the name of the game which is played when travelling.
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Английский язык, 27.02.2019 09:00, queenames
Эти весенние каникулы я провела на южном урале около города магнитогорска. мы жили в пансионате на озере банном около горнолыжного центра. первый день. приехали рано. поселились. а потом поднялись на подъемнике на гору. в
этот день было облачно, и мы видели только лыжников, ныряющих в туман туч. после обеда мы ходили в бассейн. второй день. я пробовала кататься на горных лыжах. оказалось тяжело. после обеда гуляли по берегу озера. там мы видели
огромную голубую льдину, вмерзшую в берег. третий день. утром мы катались на тюбинге (большие круги с дном) с горки, а на верх заезжали с маленького подъемника. после обеда мы ездили в аквапарк абзаково. он небольшой, но
хороший. пока мы ждали маршрутку, мама купила печенье. тут прилетела стаясиниц и стала садиться на руки. пришлось отдать им наше печенье. они ели с рук. четвертый день. мы ездили в горы на конную базу. там нас завели в конюшню и
провели маленькую экскурсию. затем я училась ездить на пони и каталась на санях по лесу. мы замерзли и пошли греться в баню. там я побила себя еловым веником и остужалась в сугробе. после мы играли в бильярд. пятый день. мы
ездили в магнитогорск в аквапарк. мне там не понравилось, так как там было много людей, зато там был водный пионербол. шестой день. до обеда мы катались на тюбинге, а после ходили в бассейн. вечером мы катались на коньках.
седьмой день. мы играли в пейнтбол. нас одели в военную форму, дали каски и автоматы. потом мы ползали по сугробам и стреляли друг друга резиновыми шариками, наполненными жидкой краской. было весело. а вечером мы сели на поезд
и поехали домой. this spring break i spent in the southern urals near the town of magnitogorsk. we lived in a boarding house on a lake near the ski center banny. the first day. we arrived very early. settled. and then up on a lift to the mountain. this day was cloudy and we saw only skiers, diving into the mist of clouds. after lunch we went to the pool. second day. i tried skiing. proved very
difficult. after dinner, walked around the lake. there we saw a huge blue ice floe, frozen into the shore. third day. in the morning we went to the tubing (large circles with the bottom) from a hill, and on top out of town with a small lift. after lunch we went to a water park abzakovo. it is small, but very good. while we waited for the bus, my mother bought cookies. then flew stayasinits and began to sit
on his hands. had to give them our cookies. they ate from their hands. fourth day. we went into the mountains on horseback base. there we were led into the stables and spent a little excursion. then i learned to ride a pony, and rode on a sleigh through the woods. we are very cold and went to bask in the bath. there, i beat myself with spruce twigs and cooled in the snow. after we played billiards. fifth
day. we traveled to magnitogorsk to the water park. i did not really like it, because there were so many people, but there was water pionerbol. sixth day. before lunch we went to the tubing and, after walking into the pool. in the evening we skated. seventh day. we played paintball. we were dressed in military uniforms, helmets and assault rifles made. then we were crawling through snowdrifts and shot each
other with rubber balls filled with liquid paint. it was fun. that evening we boarded the train and went home.
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Английский язык, 27.02.2019 16:10, NomD123
.(Complete with the words from the box. got. on. catch. get. take. miss. get. off. miss. take. caught. 1.i the bus this morning so i had to a taxi. 2.the train arrived at the station and 3.he hasn`t got much money and can`t a taxi. 4.this is my stop. i have 5.how can i to the railway station? -you can a trolley-bus or the underground. 6.hurry up! we`re going the train. 7.i was late do i a taxi.).
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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 07:00, MashaNicoleta
1.gaelic 2.the notting hill carnival 3.a village green 4.jane austen 5.speaker's corner 6.the emerald isle 7.the chinese new year 8.independence day 9.a bank holiday a. a british writer b. a place in hyde park where any person can make a speech c. an official public holiday, not a saturday or sunday when banks and most businesses are closed d. an ethnic holiday celebrated in early february e. any of the celtic
languages still spoken in some parts of scotland and ireland f. the most important american public holiday when people celebrate the birthday of the usa g. a street carnival that takes place every august in london and involves people who came to london h. a city in the northwest of england i. an area of grass in the centre of an english village for the use of all the people who live there k. a name for
irland нужно соотнести буквы и цифры
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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 10:50, yana01111
Дополните предложеение - my and i went to the superquiz. the tree monsters went to the too. we answered some ! we very happy. hooray! (место точек поставте слова)
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Английский язык, 01.03.2019 17:10, наст83
Extra-school activities is a part of school life.
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Напишите синонимы к данным словам: hungry , small , group , strong , independent....

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